Ceccarelli Rosenberg Foundation

Creating a Legacy of Change In Memory of Aaron M. Rosenberg

Our Programs

Streets to Stability

Our Streets to Stability program aims to address the various needs of the homeless population, promoting stability, empowerment, and ultimately, a path towards self-sufficiency. With a resolute commitment to service and an unwavering spirit, we are dedicated to empowering our community and making a lasting, positive difference in the lives of those we touch.

The Spectrum Project

The Spectrum Project, an initiative of The Ceccarelli-Rosenberg Foundation, is a comprehensive program dedicated to providing essential support and resources to children with autism and their families. Our program aims to address the unique challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, fostering their development, enhancing their quality of life, and offering invaluable assistance to their families.

Farmworker Resilience Program

The Farmworker Resilience Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide vital assistance, support, and training to farm workers. We aim to address the unique challenges faced by farmworkers and empower them to build resilient, sustainable livelihoods. Our program offers training & educational opportunities in collaboration with vocational training institutes, agricultural experts, and industry professionals to provide workshops & courses on agricultural techniques, safety protocols, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

Queen's Ranch

Queen's ranch is a compassionate rescue center dedicated to providing a safe haven for dogs and farm animals in need. Our program focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals, while also promoting animal welfare education and advocating for responsible pet ownership.